Sea Captain's House

5 Dishes to Try at Sea Captain's House in 2023

The Sea Captain’s House in Myrtle Beach has been a local favorite for decades, offering diners a menu full of delicious seafood dishes and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Here are five must-try dishes to add to your plate when you visit the Sea Captain’s House in 2023:

1. She-Crab Soup

This creamy, savory soup is a classic Lowcountry dish made with a blend of crab meat and sherry. The Sea Captain’s House takes great pride in its She-Crab Soup, and it’s sure to warm you up on a chilly day. It’s easy to tell why this dish has won so many awards!

2. Fried Seafood Platter

If you’re in the mood for something crispy and satisfying, the fried seafood platter at the Sea Captain’s House is a must-try. It comes loaded with a variety of fresh seafood options, including shrimp, oysters, and flounder, all lightly breaded and fried to perfection.

3. Shrimp & Grits

Another classic Lowcountry dish, shrimp and grits is a staple at the Sea Captain’s House. Succulent, sautéed shrimp are served over a bed of creamy grits, making for a hearty and flavorful meal.

Shrimp and Grits

4. Crab Cakes

The Sea Captain’s House is known for its delicious crab cakes, made with a blend of juicy crab meat, bread crumbs, and seasonings. Whether you enjoy them as an appetizer or as the main dish, these crab cakes are sure to impress.

5. Low Country Boil Dip

The Sea Captain’s House has taken the classic Lowcountry boil and transformed it into a delicious dip, perfect for sharing with friends. This dish combines juicy shrimp, sweet corn, and spicy sausage in a creamy sauce, all served with crispy bread for dipping.

These five dishes are just a sampling of what the Sea Captain’s House has to offer. So if you’re looking for a delicious meal and a great dining experience in Myrtle Beach, be sure to add the Sea Captain’s House to your 2023 bucket list.










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