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Celebrating Our Sous Chef’s 20 Years with Sea Captain’s House

Sea Captain’s House appreciates our hardworking staff who we feel are family. We know the oceanfront dining experience we offer wouldn’t be anything without them. We’d like to take a moment to celebrate our Sous Chef, Derrick Sparks, who has been with us for quite some time. Twenty years to be exact! For those of you who haven’t had a chance to meet him, we asked him a few questions so you could get to know the man behind the sous chef coat a little better.

1.) When did you start working at Sea Captain’s House?
I started working here on October 19th, 2000.

2.) What made you want to start working at Sea Captain’s House?
When I was a young boy, I was back and forth visiting my aunt on the beach and I used to come with my grandpa to pick up my aunt who worked at the salad bar here. David Brittain would come out with cornbread and hush puppies to give me and say hello. Years passed by and I started working at Gertrude Hawk cooking chocolate, and then the factory closed down. A couple of years after that, Clay Brittain’s friends asked me if I wanted to start cooking at Sea Captain’s House. He asked me to come in and fill out an application and told me that I was already hired. I make hush puppies every once in a while. I also make the honey butter for the hush puppies and the house fish sauce.

3.) Tell us your favorite customer experience at Sea Captain’s House.
A lady comes in every Friday, orders a plain sandwich with salmon and red peppers and nothing else. She comes in and asks to see if I’m working. She only likes red peppers and salmon and veggies. She always asks for me to make sure it’s done right. She’s been coming for 2-3 years now.

4.) What is your favorite thing about working at Sea Captain’s House?
My favorite things about working here are family, love, and having close relationships with one another. Plus, it’s a good atmosphere to work in.

5.) What does customer service mean to you?
To always respect the customers, at the end of the day, they are right. To try to satisfy in the best way that you can and hope for the best.

6.) What is your favorite dish?
My favorite dishes are the Surf & Turf, Shrimp & Grits, and the Jambalaya.

7.) How much has the restaurant changed since you started? And what is your favorite change that has occurred?
Some of the changes are challenging, and there have been a lot of add-ons, like the outdoor bar.

8.) What is your favorite thing about the restaurant?
The scenery helps sell the experience. The view is a seller.
Sea Captain's House Sous Chef Derrick Sparks holidng a fish outside of the restaurant

We invite you to Sea Captain’s House to try one of his favorite dishes and see his work in action soon.










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