When it comes to ordering fresh fish – You’re the Captain

Where can you find the freshest, local fish in Myrtle Beach? At Sea Captain’s House Restaurant of course! We’re always striving to source, season and prepare our fish just right, to be served to you daily. Use our menu as your guide to create the your perfect fresh fish dish from our list of fresh catches.

1. Pick Your Fish
We’ve added some seasonal fish to the menu this summer that include Halibut, Snapper and Golden Tile Fish. Halibut and snapper are both lean white fish that have a firm texture, with a mild flavor. Golden Tilefish has a delicate, sweeter flavor similar to crab or lobster.

2. Preparation
The chef can prepare your fish in the following ways: grilled, blackened, broiled or pan seared. When you order your fish grilled, it is cooked directly over high heat on the grill, versus when you ask for it to be broiled, the fish is cooked directly under a source of high heat. Blackened means there are certain spices added when cooking that will give a little heat to the flavor of the fish. When the fish is pan seared, it will be cooked at a high temperature until a slight caramelized crust forms around the outside edges. No matter how you choose to have your fish prepared – it will always be moist and full of flavor!

3. The Sauce
This next part is where you can get creative in the creation of of your dish. You get to select one of our homemade sauces to garnish your fish. We have the following to choose from: Tropical Salsa, Lemon Dill Butter, Seasonal Fruit Chutney, Orange Buerre Blanc or Béarnaise . Your tastebuds are in for a treat as the unique composition of one of these sauces enhances the flavor of your fish. From a light sauce like Seasonal Fruit Chutney, to one with a richer flavor like Lemon Dill Butter or thicker like Béarnaise – you really can’t go wrong.

And you don’t have to stop there! Add sautéed shrimp, crabmeat or lobster clack and knuckle meat on top for an extra addition of flavor!

The list of fresh catches is constantly changing depending on what’s in season. And with so many options for fish, styles of preparation and sauces – you’ll never get bored designing your own main course! So do yourself a favor next time you dine oceanfront in Myrtle Beach at Sea Captain’s House and give one of our fresh fish dishes a try.

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