Squeezing More Freshness Out of Sea Captain’s

At Sea Captain’s House in Myrtle Beach, we incorporate “fresh” into everything we do – from the seasonal ingredients we cook with and fresh catches we feature each weekend, to the fresh seafood we serve and fruit we use. The most recent way we’ve added more “freshness” to our menu is behind the bar. We’re excited to have added a brand new, state of the art juicer at Sea Captain’s restaurant. This new addition is helping make make our cocktails even tastier and enhanced with even more flavor!

This giant juicer is quite efficient and juices fruit in bulk. It makes juicing the most popular fruit incorporated in our cocktails – oranges – a breeze. And it’s quite entertaining to watch the whole process in action! There’s no feeding the fruit in one at a time – our bartenders can pour a dozen or more oranges in the top of the machine, skin and all! Once the machine is turned on, each rotates into its appropriate compartment before dropping down into the front of the machine. From there you can watch as all the juice is squeezed from the orange and fresh juice pours out of the bottom, into a container.

Our new juicer has inspired us to create a few new cocktails to add to our list of the Captain’s specialities. Our Strawberry Mimosa or the Fun in the Sun Mimosa – a combination of fresh orange juice and pineapple juice with the bubbly champagne – are both quite the treat on a warm sunny day! The freshly squeezed orange juice is incorporated in quite a few of the drinks, including our Original Mimosa and Sparkling Raspberry Mimosa. When it comes to martini’s – we’ve revamped out Sunset Martini and added a refreshing Orange Blossom Martini that’s made with pineapple juice. Another item we’ve added to our drink menu is fresh fruit sangria – and you can choose from white, strawberry or red. They’re perfect to sip on while enjoying the live music on the outdoor oceanfront patio!

Whether you add a little bubbly to your lunch or gather with some friends for dinner and drinks – sip on the freshest juice in Myrtle Beach when you give one of our new Sea Captain’s cocktails a try!

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