Skip the Straw at Sea Captain’s

One of the unique features that makes Sea Captain’s House a gem among the many Myrtle Beach restaurants is its location oceanfront. The award winning views of the sparkling waters of the Atlantic Ocean while you dine on some of the freshest seafood along the Grand Strand.

We know how important it is to take care of our ocean and protect the marine life that calls it home. At Sea Captain’s, we’ve recently made an initiative to become more environmentally conscious. We looked at how we were operating and the ways in which we could change to be more eco-friendly. The styrofoam cups and to-go boxes are horrible for the environment. Styrofoam never loses its inherent chemical properties and can take over 500 years to forever to decompose. But don’t worry, we still have containers to take your delicious leftovers with you. We recently made the switch to cardboard to-go boxes and our cups are a paper cup inlay with a biodegradable finish.

Another big issue has been plastic straws. So the restaurant has teamed up with Plastic Free Myrtle Beach in our efforts to become more eco-friendly. Plastic Free Myrtle Beach is a movement to eliminate single use disposable plastics and non-necessary plastic products from our everyday lives. Because plastic is non biodegradable, it decomposes into small particles which can be ingested by animals and can ultimately lead to their death. Using plastic is causing harm to the aquatic species in the ocean, especially sea turtles. According to Sailors of the Sea, a group of boaters doing their part to protect marine life, straws are consistently on the top 10 lists for marine debris collected every year during the International Coastal Cleanup. And it is estimated that Americans use around 500 million straws per day.

Although the best way to prevent debris is by eliminating plastic straws, at Sea Captain’s we understand that due to medical conditions and other circumstances, we still need to offer the option of straws to our guests. So we’ve switched to a corn-composite straw that breaks down easier. We hope this will decrease the likelihood of harm caused to marine life and the environment. According to Cathy of Plastic Free Myrtle Beach, the plastic free movement is growing. Strand Strawless Summer has over 115 participating restaurants. Most of them, like Sea Captain’s House, are very concerned about becoming more eco-friendly.

Sea Captain’s House restaurant will continue to strive for ways to protect and better the environment. You as a guest play an important role as well. Next time you dine with us, skip the straw and you can feel good while enjoying the oceanfront view, knowing you’re doing your small part to keep our ocean clean.

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