Sea-ing Double

Sea Captain’s House is full of nautical decor and trinkets that have been around for generations. The theme of the restaurant is not only found in the name but is also carried throughout the restaurant, from Captain statues and a working helm to flower beds in boats and rustic china. Even the wooden floors and stone fireplace make guests feel as if they’re in the home of a man of the sea.

We know our customers appreciate the theme, however we recently discovered that one couple took their adoration for Sea Captain’s House to a whole new level – and modeled their entire home after the restaurant! The couple contacted us and sent us photos of their home, saying they loved Sea Captain’s House so much, that it was the inspiration behind their home. How flattering!


The home itself is designed and built in the same fashion as Sea Captain’s House, from the three dormer windows to the front porch. There is grey wooden paneling on the exterior – and the color is an exact match of the exterior of our restaurant! The couple even took their seafaring theme a step further and has buoys hanging along one of the walls and attached a wind compass in the shape of a ship to the top of their home.

The nautical theme from outside the home carries over into the interior. Relaxing by the stone fireplace, one might think they were in the restaurant! The couple even serves their guests on fine china with ships etched on them – replicas of those found decorating the interior of the restaurant. The similarities between the two are uncanny!


We are humbled by this beautiful nautical home that was inspired by our restaurant. The only thing we saw missing from the photos is the oceanfront view. Guess these sweet fans will have to keep coming back to Myrtle Beach and Sea Captain’s for that one – and of course the fresh seafood!

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