Sea Captain’s House is getting in Shipshape for 2017

If you drove by Sea Captain’s House restaurant in Myrtle Beach anytime during the beginning of January, you noticed a slightly different look. We decided what better time than the New Year to make some much-needed renovations to the restaurant! You probably saw the addition of circular saws, heavy-duty machinery and workers that decorated our front lawn. The distinguishable Sea Captain’s House sign was not in its usual spot and the concrete sidewalk has been pulled up, leaving a front lawn of dirt.


And the changes we made are not only exterior. When you walk inside the restaurant, that’s when you’ll discover some really big changes – and we’re not just talking about the fresh paint on the walls. These changes you’ll notice right underneath your feet as you walk around. All the carpet has been replaced with brand new hardwood floors! These wooden floors not only offer a clean finish, but also add character to the restaurant.

Some of the rooms have had an assortment of changes made to them – in the Carolina Room we not only softened the lighting to create a cozier atmosphere, but we also added new, studier railings. We updated the style of the White rooms with the addition of shutters. And our kitchen didn’t escape the revamp! Not only was it deep cleaned, but also new tile was laid and the bakery was completely restructured. We now have a fresh new space to bake our delicious desserts!


If you walk around the side of the building towards the ocean, you’ll notice the concrete pavers of the patio now extend all the way up to the restaurant. This will give guests more room to enjoy the live entertainment we host on the patio during the summer.

We were eager to announce all these exciting renovations, and we still have a few more up our sleeve…

In the upcoming weeks we have a few more additions that will be taking shape. The concrete pathways in the front lawn are being reconstructed into the shape of an “X” and a beautiful island of fresh flowers will be planted in the center. The shape of the concrete and addition of black cast iron benches will give guests more room to stand or sit and visit while they wait to dine during the busy summer months. We’re also updating the landscaping with fresh flowerbeds and palmetto trees to decorate the front lawn. The Sea Captain’s sign will also be slightly elevated and the side fence will be replaced. We believe these changes out front will not only give Sea Captain’s House a fresh look for the new season, but will also create a more inviting appearance to welcome guests into the restaurant.


Other upcoming additions include new furniture, décor throughout the restaurant and fresh new artwork. One of the dining rooms will be receiving two banquets (half booths/ half tables). These banquets will be a nice seating area for families and groups to dine around comfortably. Choosing the décor and artwork are taking slightly more time because we are striving to select just the right elements that will balance the new ambience without losing the classic feel and history of the Sea Captain’s House.


We are thrilled about all these new renovations to the Sea Captain’s House and we’re ready to welcome a successful 2017 season to the restaurant! Though we’ve made numerous aesthetic changes – rest assured some things will never change including the stunning oceanfront views and the pride we take in serving the freshest seafood daily. We hope you are able to come in soon to enjoy a meal and meander through the restaurant to check out all the renovations for yourself. We know you’ll love them as much as we do!

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