Sea Captain’s Featured Employee: Marie Stowe

If you’ve been to Sea Captain’s around dinner time, there’s a familiar face you’ve probably seen over the years – 36 years to be exact. This face we’re referring to is waitress, Marie Stowe, one of the longest working employees at the restaurant. She is not only passionate about her job, but enjoys making sure each guest that sits at her table has a truly memorable dining experience. We did a Q&A with Marie to learn more about her and see what’s kept her sticking around Sea Captain’s House for so long.


          1. How long have you worked at the Sea Captain’s House? 36 years
          2. What made you want to apply for a job here? I was drawn to the fact that it was a family-oriented restaurant. Also my father is a preacher, and during the early years they didn’t sell alcohol, so that fact and it being family-oriented – my family encouraged me to apply.
          3. What’s your favorite dish to order and recommend to customers? (without hesitation) Pecan Crusted Grouper (also a favorite of the Captain’s)
          4. What’s your favorite appetizer dish to order or recommend? Traditional Shrimp & Grits
          5. What’s your favorite dessert? The Hummingbird Cake is amazing
          6. What’s your favorite cocktail to recommend to customers? Sunset Martini
          7. What inspires you? This restaurant is a source of pride for me. I’ve worn my t-shirt in other places and people have come up and told me how much they love dining at Sea Captain’s House and how it’s their favorite seafood restaurant. I also love getting to meet so many different people from all over.
          8. What’s your favorite part of the job? My favorite part is truly crafting an amazing experience for my customers. I also love the flexibility and friendliness of the staff including management and those that work in the kitchen.
          9. What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you while waiting on a table? Well there was this one time I had a full tray and it dropped and there was a huge crash. This was early on in the evening so it was pretty quiet in the restaurant and after the loud crash you could’ve heard a pin drop. Then I heard this tiny voice from a little child say “Uh-oh” and everyone started laughing, including myself.
          10. Has anyone ever gotten engaged at the table you were waiting on? Yes, lots of times. It’s always neat when people do because everyone sitting around becomes part of their special moment and claps and congratulates them. There was this one time that was pretty memorable. This man went all out and had a horse-drawn carriage that brought them to the restaurant where he proposed during dinner and then they rode off, literally, into the sunset. I thought it was such a neat way to start the next chapter of their life riding off in that fashion.
          11. Do you have a favorite room to work in? I enjoy working in the Red Room because it’s not only has an amazing view, but it’s smaller so I have fewer tables, so I am able to work at a slower pace and spend more quality time with my customers
          12. Anything else you want to add about working at Sea Captain’s House? I’ve love working for the Brittains. They really appreciate my loyalty and longevity, and I feel valued as an employee. And I love the family atmosphere. And that it’s still a family-oriented, family-run restaurant, just like when I started 36 years ago.

          We asked Sheryl, the General Manager of Sea Captain’s House, if she had anything to say regarding Marie and she said, “Marie is a very hard working and loyal employee. She is also our head server and trainer and we could not function without her. Her hard work and devotion helps make Sea Captains run smooth and efficient. She is definitely an asset to our team.”

          Be on the lookout for Marie next time you stop by Sea Captain’s House for dinner and be sure to sit with her at one of her tables for a truly memorable dining experience.


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