Sea Captain’s Feature Employee: Dorothy Kansal

Glancing around at the decor at Sea Captain’s, you’ll notice the colorful flower arrangements scattered throughout the restaurant. The creative mind and green-thumb behind these beautiful arrangements belong to Dorothy Kansal. She started working at Sea Captain’s House as a hostess, but has taken over the position as restaurant florist as well. We did a Q&A with Dorothy to learn more about what inspires her and what she loves most about working at Sea Captain’s House.


1. I hear a hint of an accent, where are you from originally? Ireland. I came to the states with my husband when he got a job as an engineer in Pennsylvania and we retired down here in Myrtle Beach 8 1/2 years ago.

2. What did you do before you retired? I was a registered nurse.

3. How did you become interested in floral work? I’ve always had a “green thumb” and have grown my own herbs. I took some night classes on flowers to educate myself more on the actual arrangement side of it.

4. How long have you worked at Sea Captain’s House? 4 years

5. What made you apply for a job here? I was a hostess at another restaurant and I’m a member of the church right here next door and my Pastor suggested I try to get a job here because he expressed how I might enjoy working for the Brittains and a family-oriented restaurant. And he was right!

6. Have you always done the flower arrangements? I originally started as a hostess for 2 years then a manager suggested I do the flowers. So I transitioned to that, but am still on call on Friday nights to hostess. I treat Sea Captain’s like my home – I’m always making sure everything looks nice and in good condition, keep it pretty, make sure plants are watered, etc.

7. What’s your favorite flower? Gerbera daisies and roses – both are nice mixers

8. How do you choose what flowers to use for the arrangements? I look for flowers that are tolerable to heat for those near the fireplace and seasonal flowers.


9. What’s your favorite arrangement you’ve ever done? Yellow arrangements are my favorite. I also like a simple mix of a variety of colorful flowers. I also work a lot with the oval dish using a fan style – it’s good at the beach with leaves and plants to create a coastal look.

10. I know you said you’ve had requests from customers to do arrangements for them for other events. Whats your favorite event to make arrangements for? I appreciate any job I can get. I had one customer request a wedding bouquet and that was my first time doing that – I really enjoyed it. I enjoy the adventure and challenge of making new arrangements.

11. What inspires you? I wake up with the mindset “Attitude to do my best – nothing can’t be conquered”. I’m also inspired by nature, things I see in flower shops and magazines. My brain is always ticking and seeking flowers I can use.


12. Where do you get most of your flowers? I’m always conscious of budget and I like to buy locally at Kroger, Cotsco, Lowes Food. I also bring some of the accent/fillers from my garden at home.

13. What’s your favorite part of your job? The challenge. I like that no arrangement is ever the same and I love to do fun things for the different holidays and festivities. I love waking up every Friday knowing I am going to work at Sea Captain’s House and have the opportunity to be employed and use my talent and be creative.

14. What’s your favorite vase to use? The square one.


Sheryl, the General Manager, says “Dorothy is a great asset to our team. She works very hard to keep the SCH looking fresh everyday. Her flower arrangements enhance our whole lobby and give our restaurant a warm home feeling.”

So next time you’re dining with us at Sea Captain’s make sure to stop and “smell the roses” a little longer and appreciate the hard work and passion that goes into every floral arrangement.

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