June Live Music Lineup

This month’s lineup of artists includes William Craven, Josh McCaa, Jonathan Roberts, Will Ness, and Charles Freeman. The schedule is weather-dependent, so if it’s a sunny day, plan for a fun night at Sea Captain’s House.

Band Schedule:

June 1st– Charles Freeman

June22nd-Charles Freeman

June 2nd– William Craven (BJ)

June23rd-William Craven (BJ)

June 3rd– Maddie Hunt


June 4th– Will Ness

June25th-Will Ness

June 5th –Gary Alexander

June26th-Gary Alexander

June 6th – Josh McCaa

June27th-Josh McCaa

June 7th – Jonathan Roberts

June28th-Jonathan Roberts

June 8th –Charles Freeman

June29th-Charles Freeman

June 9th – William craven (BJ)

June30th-William Craven (BJ)

June10th –Maddie Hunt

June 11th– William Craven (BJ)

June12th – Gary Alexander

June13st – Josh McCaa

June14TH – Jonathan Roberts

June15th – Charles Freeman

June16th – William Craven (BJ)

June 17th-Will Ness

June 18th-William Craven (BJ)

June19th-Gary Alexander

June20th-Josh McCaa

June21st-Jonathan Roberts

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